Is it possible to radically change your life in just 60 days?

Cheryl Long believes so; in fact, she's living proof!

She knows firsthand the frustration and hopelessness of trying to lose excessive weight and regain her health. She has experienced the pain and despair of chronic sickness and the fear of what's to come. She's been there.

And now in her very first eBook, she candidly shares her voyage out of the murky depths of sickness and obesity back into the sparkling waters of health and vitality. Armed with a motive to help others, her enthusiasm is contagious, as she inspires and motivates friends and family in their own journey.

She invites you to jump on board, as she shares how a skinny teen wound up an overweight adult, how small steps led to a major overhaul in a short amount of time, and ways she is maintaining her new lifestyle. Also included is Cheryl's personal daily journal through her 60 day juice fast, live juice recipes, insightful tips and lots of encouragement.

You are sure to be blessed by her amazing story!

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